About the AAA Ethics Forum

About the AAA Ethics Forum

Welcome to the AAA Ethics Forum! The AAA Ethics Advisory Group maintains this forum to facilitate public discussion of the ethical issues that face anthropologists today. We are your one-stop online shop for anthropological ethics talk, featuring content for aspiring and practicing archaeological, biological, linguistic, and sociocultural anthropologists working in academic and applied settings. Visit us to read what we are grappling with and offer your perspective. Recognizing the importance of professional ethics for anthropological practice across diverse contexts, our goal is to be an educational resource for researchers, teachers, and students that is relevant from the field to the archive and from the classroom to the boardroom.

The AAA Statement on Ethics

AAA Statement on Ethics provides an interactive forum for ongoing comment on the Statement. The seven principles of the AAA Statement on Ethics can be found at the lower right hand side of the main AAA ethics page.

The Ethics Forum

On a regular basis, we publish real-world cases that raise concrete ethical dilemmas and/or explore ethically challenging areas in the practice of anthropology. We also post news about innovative technologies, recent legislation, and current events that have ethical implications for the 21st century anthropologist. The forum keeps you up to date on the latest ethical developments in anthropology, related disciplines, and IRB land. On an occasional basis, we invite ethics experts to share their views with readers in self-authored guest posts or excerpts from an interview with the AAA Ethics Advisory Group Student Intern.

We aim to make this forum as interactive and useful as possible. If you have a case study or news to share or if you have a topic that you would like to see discussed, please contact us at ethicsfeedback@aaanet.org Along with the forum posts, we offer a moderated comments section for insightful and respectful public discussion. Incriminating comments, spam, and remarks that the ethics committee deems disrespectful or inappropriate will not be posted.